Friends of Rojava in North America is a network of solidarity groups across the continent. We encourage you to get in touch with and join the group closest to you, or get in touch about forming a group in your city if there isn’t already one!


Rojava Solidarity Montreal / Rojava Solidarité Montréal | facebook

Rojava Solidarity Collective (Toronto) | website

Boston Friends of Rojava | facebook

Amherst | amherst (at) friendsofrojava (dot) org

Institute for Social Ecology | web | facebook | twitter

North America Rojava Alliance (NYC) | facebook | twitter

Rojava Solidarity NYC | web | facebook | twitter

Rochester Friends of Rojava | facebook | rochester (at) friendsofrojava (dot) org

New Haven | newhaven (at) friendsofrojava (dot) org


Alliance for Radical Democracy (Baltimore)| facebook | baltimore (at) friendsofrojava (dot) org

Washington, DC | dc (at) friendsofrojava (dot) org

Charlotte | charlotte (at) friendsofrojava (dot) org


Chicago Committee for Solidarity with Rojava and Kurdistan | facebook

Milwaukee | mke (at) friendsofrojava (dot) org

Northwest/West/West Coast

Denver Rojava Solidarity | facebook

Rojava Solidarity Seattle | facebook | web | twitter

Rojava Solidarity Portland | facebook

Bay Area Mesopotamia Solidarity | facebook | email

Sacramento IWW | facebook

Rojava Solidarity Committee of Los Angeles | facebook

San Antonio | sanantonio (at) friendsofrojava (dot) org

Albuquerque | abq (at) friendsofrojava (dot) org