Help, help! We’re being repressed!

Since Sunday November 12, 2017, Facebook has shut down the accounts of at least a dozen activists and six organizations supporting the struggle for democratic confederalism in Rojava. These include Friends of Rojava, the Institute for Social Ecology, and many others.

We need your help to tell Facebook not to bow to Turkish government pressure. Here’s what you can do:

1. 📲 Tweet @Facebook: Stop the attack on @FriendsOfRojava ! #UnblockRojava

2. 💻 Share this meme (below) on Facebook and tag Facebook.

3. 📝 Sign the petition here:

4. ✉️ If you or someone you know has had their account deactivated for supporting the Kurds, please get in touch:

Stay tuned for more actions! We’re not going down without a fight.


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